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Business Intelligence


Our analytical data mining workbench tool can be used by any organisation to provide automated dynamic, timely and actionable operational intelligence. Although mainly working within the UK Policing arena, Authority Miner® can be used by any organisation that has a requirement to provide regular business intelligence products to operational staff.

Some of our proven processes include:

  • Model offender behaviour
  • Identify currently unknown crime series
  • Suggest offenders who may be responsible for currently undetected crimes
  • Automate National Intelligence Model processes
  • Identify offenders who commit crimes across Policing borders
  • Identify networks of offenders that are suitable for targeting
  • Identify priority and prolific offenders
  • Predict forensic recovery at crimes scenes
  • Model the capabilities of Crime Scene Investigators
  • Automate the production of Strategic analytical products

We have several publications describing describing our business intelligence solutions, click here for a listing of references (references-am).

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