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Health & Wellbeing


Inspired by professional care and well-being, we believe that well-being brings out the best in your employees and generates higher performance. Being aware how both situational and long-term stress can affect personnel enables a company to enhance their duty of care programmes as well as their health and well-being campaigns. Active stress management will enable you to prevent absences from work and help you in creating an attractive working environment and promoting your company as a great place to work.

Our physiological monitoring solutions are successfully used by UK Police Forces’ traffic motorcyclist units, Fire fighters as well as Crime Scene Investigators and Fingerprint Bureau Experts. They are able to identify team members with additional training needs and assess those who are under stress or fatigues in certain situations.

The equipment can be comfortable worn by either gender under any type of clothing and up to 64 persons can be actively and concurrently monitored.


Data is also saved to each monitor for subsequent off-line analysis which can be combined with Occupational Health systems to improve health and well-being.

We have several publications describing describing our business intelligence solutions, click here for a listing of references (references-ip).

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