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Dr Rick Adderley is an Honorary Fellow of the Department of Criminology at the University of Leicester. He has written an 8 lesson module for their  MSc. Forensic Science and Criminal Justice Course.

Module Content

Lesson 1 – Introduction to data mining

  • What is data mining
  • The data mining and intelligence cycles
  • From Data to Knowledge to Business Solutions

Lesson 2 – From data to modelling to prediction

  • Data preparation (Statistical Evaluation, Data Selection, Data Cleaning, Transformation of data)
  • Data Mining Algorithms
  • Interpretation of results
  • Data Visualisation
  • Reporting

Lesson 3 – Data mining in an operational environment

  • Different and disparate data sources
  • Data pifalls
  • Linked mining
  • Data mining tools

Lesson 4 – Understanding criminal behaviour

  • Environmental criminology
  • Acquisitive Crime
    • Crime pattern theory
    • Routine activity theory
    • Rational choice theory
  • Spatial awareness of criminals
    • Crime hot spots

Lesson 5 – Linking and solving crimes

  • Mining modus operandi and offender description data
  • Identification of crime series and linking crimes
  • Suggesting possible criminals for undetected crimes

Lesson 6 – Mining Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) performance

  • Understanding key performance indicators and their effect on detecting crime
  • Predicting which crime scenes could yield the best possibility forensic recovery

Lesson 7 – Identifying relevant criminal networks

  • Overt vs covert networks
  • Structured gangs vs organic groups
  • Combining networks from different data sets
    • Resolving similar identities
    • Resolving false identities
  • Prioritising and targeting networks

Lesson 8 – Understanding criminal network dynamics

  • Network metrics
  • Mining sub-networks
    • Discovering roles of individuals
    • Discovering crime themes
  • Disrupting criminal network activity
    • Targeting relevant sub networks and individual criminals
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