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Northamptonshire Police Scientific Support Department is at the forefront of measuring stress in the workplace within UK Policing.  Dr John Bond, their departmental manager, actively encouraged all staff members to participate in the research.  UNISON (staff association) representatives were consulted and participated themselves.  Crime Scene Investigators and Fingerprint Bureau experts wore the physiological monitoring device for a set of shifts whilst undertaking their normal daily duties.

The aim of this assessment was to determine which activities during an individual’s normal daily work were likely to cause stress.

Dr John Bond, Departmental Manager, Northamptonshire Police Scientific Support Department provided the following testimonial regarding the physiological monitoring of his staff:

“It has been well known for quite some time that the role of a Crime Scene Investigator is a stressful one and, to counter this, we have in place measures to reduce stress and its effect on both the well-being of the individual and their performance as a CSI. Now, for the first time, with the assistance of A E Solutions, we have been able to quantify this stress and to identify accurately situations that cause our staff to become stressed and the extent to which this is occurring. Also, very importantly, we have been able to measure stress levels in groups not thought of traditionally as being exposed to stress in the same way as CSI’s are. In particular, we have been able to measure stress levels in our Fingerprint Experts and this information is extremely valuable in assessing the situations that not only cause them stress but also that might affect their ability to correctly identify finger marks – something that would have dire consequences for the legal system. I have no doubt that the use of Bio analytics to monitor stress levels will become the norm in many areas of police work in the UK.”

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