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Analysing Police Data

Data Mining Workbench Tool
Data Mining Workbench Tool

Analysing Police Data was a talk that Dr Rick Adderley gave at the Alan Turin Institute (https://www.turing.ac.uk/) during December 2016 which was captured on video.  The talk discussed the day-to-day data capture of data through the reporting of an incident, sending a Police response, recording a crime, operational tasking for intelligence and arresting an offender together with the typical policing data systems that can be involved in the process. Analysing Police Data identifies the challenges in extracting, manipulating and combining the data to provide operational intelligence to prevent and detect crime.

The analysis of criminal networks is discussed in the context of social network analysis vs criminal network analysis (overt vs covert networks) and the limitations of analysing various degrees of freedom in connection with the severity of criminal activities.

Machine learning techniques are covered in the identification of priority and prolific offenders, targeting those offenders and early detection of crime series.

To view the talk please click the link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHxWAspGCyQ).

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