A E Solutions (BI) Ltd

Business Intelligence and Health & Wellbeing



A E Solutions (BI) Ltd, established in 2003, specialise in providing semi automated and repeatable business intelligence solutions for UK Emergency Services and SMEs. The company also works with Occupational Health Departments and Senior Management to provide health and wellbeing services.

Business Intelligence

The company has developed a visual analytics tool, Authority Miner® that enables end users, business analysts and data miners to quickly build business processes that can be subsequently automated to provide up to date, timely and accurate information to decision makers within the organisation. The intuitive graphical user interface readily supports the ability to access, prepare, analyse and model data from a wide variety of sources. There is no need to learn query languages such as SQL. Once in place, business processes can be easily altered to accommodate changes in business requirements.

Health and Wellbeing

A E Solutions offers you smart analytical solutions to help you improve your duty of care through the use of physiological monitoring. We can provide you with the means to strengthen your occupational health and training programmes, help you to prevent absences from work, and support you in creating a safer working environment. Our concepts have already been successfully deployed by UK Police Forces and Fire and Rescue Services in their varied working environments.