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A E Solutions (BI) Ltd., is a dynamic company specialising in the provision of timely, accurate and consistent operational intelligence and, inspired by professional care and well-being, provide Occupational Health Departments support detecting and delivering stress management solutions.



Save time, money and improve output

By designing and automating analytical processes, all aspects of data mining, analysis, modelling and report generation can be achieved.  We have a proven track record in providing solutions that save personnel time and effort which transfers into significant cost savings, operating in the Policing and Security arena throughout the UK and Europe. One Police Force has reported that one of our implementations will save them in excess of £250,000 per year. Another Force has publicly reported that we have helped them to achieve an “Excellent” rating in a government inspection.



Improve health care and reduce absenteeism

Our physiological monitoring methods enable you to assess a team or individual person’s ability to perform to a required standard whilst operating in a stressful environment which may include tasks within a natural working or training situation. This type of objective monitoring can be easily encompassed within an organisation to introduce accurate and targeted training, provide personal feedback and monitoring to all levels of trainee and establish continuous improvement programmes.